Dietary Food Solutions

Boasting over 25 years of experience, expertise and innovation, Dietary Food Solutions offers customers raw gluten free ingredients and baking mixes as an alternative to regular foodstuffs, without compromising on flavour or quality. Organic products are also available on request.

South Tyrol is the home of Dietary Food Solutions. Its company headquarters is located in Lana, near Merano. The company owners are Georg Pircher and Rudolf von Berg, the latter being the owner of Molino Merano.

Our services

Thanks to our complete service package, our customers can quickly produce their dietary bakery products. In fact, our support ranges from the selection of the right raw materials to producing effective recipes and processes. This ensures an excellent product and thus, lasting market success. It is important for us to know that all our services convince not only in theory, but day after day on the market.

Raw material purchasing

Our innovative recipes are based on the technological and dietary suitability of the selected raw materials. To guarantee allergen-free products, we work closely with certified companies and our raw ingredients are meticulously checked during each of the process stages in our quality assurance laboratory.

Recipes development

Recipes for gluten-free bread and bakery products, which never differ from traditional bakery products in appearance and taste, are developed in our laboratory. In addition, the highest priority is given to the importance of a balanced nutritional combination.

Tailor-made & Private Label

Do you have ideas for a new product? If so, let us create it! Our baking mixes can be developed and tailor-made for customer requirements, in different formats and with your brand.

Technological consultancy

Thanks to many years of experience in the production of gluten-free products, we know which stages require our particular care and attention. And our service does not end with the delivery of mixes. We can assist in choosing the best suited plant and machinery technology and its subsequent setting up. Additionally, we support our clients with employee training on production processes and hygiene requirements.

Your benefits

  • Certified products of the highest quality See our certifications

  • Excellent taste

  • Easy processing

  • High dough yield

  • Faster production development and shorter market lead times

  • Less storage space required for raw ingredients and lower procurement, inventory and analysis costs

  • Complete service package